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Before I created a successful business and I lifestyle that I love, I used to feel the complete opposite of how I feel now about money.

- On sales calls, when it came time to name a price for my services I automatically discounted them, even if I had promised myself not to do that yet again.

- When I created packages for clients I added more and more services or bonuses so they became over-stuffed with value.

- When I started my agency, my pricing structure was such that my clients won, my contractors won, and I hardly made anything at all (that’s how a 23k month turns into 0 dollars in your bank account, womp womp).

I’m sharing all of this because I want to rewrite the narrative around money in our businesses. 

This free mini-course will help you: 

1. Identify false money beliefs that might be holding you back. 

2. Reset those beliefs through guided meditation. 

3. Literally re-write your narrative through journaling prompts designed to help you discover what's possible. 

Ready? Let's go!

4 Modules

Belief Reset

Here's a guided meditation about money that you can use to reset money beliefs that are keeping you from being paid abundantly for your energy and talents. 

You can listen to it here, and also access it in your favorite place to find podcasts. 

Build It Better

Journaling is a powerful way to explore our thoughts and beliefs, and to literally rewrite them. Here are 10 prompts to guide you. 

An Invitation

Now that you've examined your money beliefs, how do you apply this to your business bottom line? 

Modules for this product 4
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