Fill Your FUNnel!

Wishing you had a steady stream of people eager to work with you but hate the thought of marketing based on fear, scarcity, and over-blown promises? 

You're not alone. 

In this training, we'll break down how you can align your marketing to your values, use what you already enjoy doing to attract your ideal clients, and ditch all the "shoulds" that leave you feeling icky and like you hate sales and marketing. 

(Yep, marketing can actually feel fun, and I want to show you how!)

You'll learn about: 

✨ A framework for thinking about funnels in a new way

✨ AND a mindset reset around your funnel building "shoulds" 

✨ PLUS how to use your "aha's" to build or tweak your own FUNnel so that you can ethically attract your ideal clients while neither selling out, or burning out! 

This training was delivered as a 90-minute paid group workshop recorded in April 2023.  I think you'll find the information is SUPER relevant, and that hearing the questions and ideas brought up by real people during the training makes it even more helpful and relatable!


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Also, your purchase guarantees access for at least the next 12 months (I have no current plans to retire this training, and you will have access for as long as this product exists on this platform, but I want to be clear and upfront about the product access terms.) ** 

5 Modules

Fill Your FUNnel! Video Training

Watch to learn the Fill Your Funnel Framework and how to best leverage what you already love to do in your business! 

Custom Workbook

Use this workbook to get the most out of this training. It's custom-designed to help you take meaningful action without getting overwhelmed. 

Bonus Videos

Ready to take what you learned and go even further? Here are three short video trainings that will help you bring it all together and take the action you need in order to fill your FUNnel! 

FREE Follow the Fun Biz Snapshot + Feedback from Audra

Complete the in-depth Follow the Fun Biz Snapshot so you can see where your business is at and get free help from Audra! 

Group Circle for Creative Entrepreneurs

Surround yourself with supportive peers and get the business tools you need to achieve your goals!  

Modules for this product 5
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